While Bitcoin is consolidated in a small price range between USD 9,150 and USD 9,950, the other cryptosystems are waiting for their escape. Most with a better chance of making an upward move. To see the trend of ETH, LTC and BNB stay tuned to this publication.

ETH Kryptomone Trend

Ethereum is one of the best to take advantage of a possible bullish momentum for Bitcoin. Not only from a technical point of view, but also fundamentally.

ETH’s leadership position within the ecosystem is quite clear, thanks to a community fully committed to the project’s development. The Ethereum chain is becoming more and more useful and, with it, more people are reached.

It is expected that in the next few months the transition from Ethereum to the 2.0 network, also known as Serenity, will take place. With it, we seek to dramatically increase the scalability and usability of your Blockchain.

For a Messari researcher, this could be a more positive catalyst than Bitcoin’s Halving, since it will mean an economic change never seen before in society.

Recently, great news was announced for this cryptomon currency.

  1. statement last november
  2. half a billion dollars
  3. in the works
  4. under your skin
  5. q2 state of blockchain sentiment survey
  6. it won this week
  7. sec’s 21(a) report on dao
  8. who joined coinbase
  9. the original sin of the internet
  10. released a series of questions

futures trading is now available in the United States, and this is the second crypto derivative available in the country.

The announcement was made after a digital currency license was obtained from the New York regulators. The adoption of crypto seems to be running out of steam.

All this positivism is reflected in the graphs when analyzing the ETH trend in a technical way.

The daily chart shows an EMA of 8 and SMA of 18 crossed upwards, supporting the recent transition of power to the bulls. The 200-day SMA is also bullish.

Currently, the price is facing the barrier at USD 215, but it doesn’t look like it will be a problem this time.

The short term trend of ETH is totally bullish, the next target is USD 250.

Vitalik Buterin announces the release of Ethereum 2.0 in July
LTC Trend

Litecoin is one of the oldest crypto projects, and has survived strongly the various downturns in the overall ecosystem.

Today, we see it as a solid cryptomoney, ranking 7th in the top of the largest by market capitalization.

It is quite clear that LTC will be watching closely what Bitcoin does, and will be taking advantage of the market growth to push its price up, at least in the short and medium term.

Litecoin is born as a cryptomon currency very similar to Bitcoin, using much of its code. But it differs in some key features, related to speed, economy and abundance, with the aim of becoming a much more accessible currency than its parent.

With this, LTC has earned a place in the ecosystem as the silver of the crypt coins, leaving the gold to the bigger one.

Despite the fact that this project has gone through significant difficulties, it continues to maintain a historic upward trend. Its price is quite far from its peak, but it has not disappeared. On the contrary, it continues to strengthen in the top 10, taking advantage of Bitcoin’s developments.