Elon Musk fuels speculation about possible BTC investment; Dogecoin course explodes; FDP calls for changes to MiCA and eWpG; Navalny receives a generous Bitcoin donation and cryptocurrencies are a topic at the WEF.

Another exciting week in the crypto space is drawing to a close. The most important events around Bitcoin and Co. in a compact overview.

Elon Musk’s Twitter campaign is fueling speculation about Bitcoin investment

Elon Musk is fueling speculation about a possible investment in Bitcoin. On Twitter, the Tesla founder changed his profile description to #bitcoin and added a little bitcoin emoji to the bio. This is now causing massive guesswork within the crypto community as to whether the richest man in the world could get into cryptocurrency. In addition, Musk posted a Twitter post that revealed a certain crypto fatalism. Translated it says in the post : “In retrospect it was inevitable”. Specifically, it is suspected that Musk and his automobile company Tesla could soon invest in Bitcoin and Co. These assumptions alone drove the Bitcoin courseup by a double-digit percentage. Whether Musk really invests remains to be seen. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor invites you to a large Bitcoin conference next week. There they want to inspire new investors for the cryptocurrency. A great opportunity for Musk to take off the guesswork.

After GameStop, Dogecoin course also explodes

The explosion in GameStop stock made plenty of talk this week. Now the same Reddit community allegedly hit the Dogecoin . There is no other way to explain an interim price increase of 875 percent. While the rate was around $ 0.008 at 5:04 am on January 28, it shot up to just under $ 0.078 within 24 hours. Behind it one suspects the r / wallstreetbets (WSB). The Reddit group currently has nearly six million members. Over a million users were added in the last 24 hours. The Twitter user WBS Chairmanis considered a possible leader of the group, who should also be responsible for the DOGE Pump. The Dogecoin rally started as a result of a tweet from WSB Chairman. At the same time, there is a new #Dogecoin Challenge on the social media platform TikTok, which actively calls for the purchase of the coin until it has broken through the $ 1 mark.

FDP calls for changes to MiCA and eWpG

The parliamentary group of the FDP calls for an innovation-friendly legal framework for crypto assets. This emerges from a preliminary draft of an application that BTC-ECHO has received. In it, the party criticizes some points in the “ Market in Crypto Assets ” regulation ( MiCA) of the EU and calls on the federal government to act. In the regulation, for example, the classification of many blockchain companies as financial service providers, which basically have nothing to do with payment services, is a problem. In addition, the regulation would also result in considerable additional bureaucratic effort for start-ups. The „Law on the Introduction of Electronic Securities“ was also the subject of criticism. According to the party, it remains behind the existing regulations of other EU countries and even means a step backwards for the blockchain economy of the Federal Republic.