IOTA and Bitcoin are a popular traiding pair. In the picture you can see an IOTA and a Bitcoin coin.
Welcome to a brand new IOTA course analysis on CryptoMonday. Today I would like to explain why there is further downside potential for IOTA compared to the Bitcoin price.

The IOTA price was in a sustained decline compared to the Bitcoin price between May 2018 . Between January and August 2019, he followed a clearly recognizable trend channel that led the IOTA price in Satoshi ever deeper into the basement. Since then, IOTA has been in a consolidation phase vis-à-vis BTC and gives many hope that the IOTA course has found its bottom.

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In fact, for a short time it looked like the IOTA price was gaining some upward momentum again. In my IOTA rate analysis from May 15th , 2020 I had predicted a 90% short-term price increase compared to the Bitcoin rate and in fact it turned out exactly as forecast. On August 21, IOTA reached a price of around 3,800 Satoshi and thus almost exactly recorded an increase in value of 90%. At the same time, this day marked the renewed short-term trend reversal in the IOTA course, because since then it has been steadily downhill. Responsible for this is a Bump and Run Reversal Top Formation, abbreviated to BARR-Top Formation.

If you are not yet familiar with this lucrative formation, you should definitely find out more about the BARR top in this explanatory text . But now let’s analyze together what this formation means for the IOTA course.

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IOTA course confirms the Bump and Run Reversal Top

A BARR top is not necessarily easy to recognize at first glance. However, if you know what you are looking for, that simplifies the matter many times over. It quickly becomes clear that the IOTA course has just completed one. I’ll explain exactly what that means for the IOTA price in a moment. Now I’ll show you what a BARR top is and why the IOTA chart goes with it.

The BARR top is divided into two phases. It starts in phase 1 with a rising trend line with a moderate slope angle. In the next phase the price rises steeply. A corresponding new trend line should have a gradient of at least 60 degrees. The price forms a rounded top and then falls back to the first, less steep trend line. During this phase, the price reaches a significantly higher high than the highs during the 1st phase. By definition, it is only a bump and run reversal top if the high is at least twice as high as that of the 1st phase. As Fig. 2 shows, the course of the IOTA course compared to the Bitcoin course fulfills all of the mentioned properties.