• Binance has reportedly pulled out of Austria and shifted its focus to MiCA compliance in Europe.
• Cryptocurrency ETPs saw $199 million inflow last week, the largest since July 2022.
• Bitcoin has maintained the $30,000 level throughout the weekend, putting 86.24% of UTXOs in profit.

Binance Pulls Out of Austria

Binance has reportedly pulled out of Austria and shifted its focus to MiCA compliance in Europe. The move is part of a larger effort by the exchange to ensure regulatory compliance on a global scale.

Crypto ETFs Attracting Significant Capital

Crypto ETPs (exchange-traded products) have seen significant inflows over the past week, with $199 million being invested into such products – the largest since July 2022. This surge in investment is indicative of a growing interest from institutional investors looking for exposure to cryptocurrencies without having to directly purchase coins themselves.

Bitcoin Breaks $31k as Profitability Increases

Bitcoin has been exhibiting strong upward momentum lately, breaking above $31k and maintaining this level over the weekend. This uptrend has pushed 86.24% of all Bitcoin UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) into profitability, indicating that most holders are currently reaping rewards from their investments.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Coinbase

The U.S Supreme Court recently issued an order to move a user lawsuit against Coinbase into arbitration, effectively ruling in favor of the cryptocurrency exchange giant. This decision was seen as a victory not just for Coinbase but also for other exchanges operating within U.S borders who may now be less likely to face similar legal action from disgruntled customers or users in future cases.

Over 86% Unspent Bitcoin In Profit

Despite recent slumps, Bitcoin continues to trade above $30k and more than 86% unspent bitcoin tokens are currently sitting at profits – indicating that most investors remain bullish on the cryptocurrency’s outlook despite current market conditions