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Matthew Green, Director of Workforce Economic Development & Community Programs


Kirk Carmichael, Community Recreation Coordinator


Wes Martin,
Community Education Coordinator


Nanette Piņa,
Division Assistant


Gaby Rangel
Interim Program Assistant


Community Programs Information

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Our brochure is published in 3 sessions: Fall, Spring and Summer
The Deadlines to submit proposals are as follows:

Fall - Third Friday in May
Spring - Second Friday in September
Summer - First week in January

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Send your Community Education and/or College for Kids

 Short Course
questions/comments/suggestions or short course proposals 
  Wes Martin

Course Proposal Application and Coordinator Class Information for
Community Education and College for Kids Classes

San Luis Obispo Campus and North County Campus

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Send your Community Recreation,
Aquatics &/or
Summer Camps
questions/comments/suggestions or activities proposals 
  Kirk Carmichael

Course Proposal Application for
IPD, Aquatics &/or Summer Camps Activities

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Send your Community Programs Emeritus Fee-Based
questions/comments/suggestions or activities proposals 
  Wes Martin



  • Policies & General Information

    Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Online, mail-in and fax registration begin as soon as you receive this brochure.

    Students 16 years and older may enroll in adult education/recreation classes.

    Pre-registration is recommended as all classes/activities and events had enrollment requirements.


    Registering online; detailed instructions are provided under ActiveNet Instructions and via our website; staff is always available to help you.  Maps and information specific to your class are also available online. If you register by mail or fax, a receipt will be emailed/mailed to you. Please allow one week for delivery. Please remember with mail or fax registration requests that; online has 1st come 1st processed. Register early and we suggest the online component to guarantee your registration in a desired class or classes.


    Please take care in selecting classes to avoid refund and transfer fees. If you cannot attend a class for which you are registered, a written request must be received in the Community Programs office 5 business days before the activity begins. If you are sending an email, please send your request to the appropriate coordinator: for Community Education classes (art, music, etc,) please contact Wes Martin; for any recreation classes or activities (swim lessons, aqua fitness, rowing, etc) please contact Kirk Carmichael). DO NOT SEND ANY REFUND OR CANCELALTION REQUESTS TO THE GENERAL COMMUNITYPROGRAMS EMAIL. The refund, minus a $10 processing fee per class ($20 for Online Courses), will be issued within 3-4 weeks. A transfer from one class/event to another is available for a $5 transfer fee ($10 for Online Courses). Refunds are not available for Public Events.


    Advance registration is recommended to avoid cancelled classes; however, in a class/activity/event enrollment

    minimums are not met, the class may be cancelled.

    Registered students will be notified in advance and have

    the fees transferred to another class at no charge or

    choose to receive a full refund.


    Adult 62 years and older receive a 10% discount on

    classes/activity/events automatically if a birth date is

    provided. Some classes/activities/events by design are not

    applicable for this discount (payment plans, special pricing, online courses, Public Events) and discounts cannot be combined.


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If you have questions/comments/suggestions regarding our site or would like to be added to our current mail list, send your email, mailing address or web site questions/comments/suggestions to Community Programs.

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