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Cuesta College Community Programs
(Bldg 4700, San Luis Obispo Cuesta College Campus on Hwy 1)
PO Box 8106, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106
Phone: (805) 546-3132; Fax: (805) 546-3

Institute for Professional Development

Energy Auditing Tools Are Available to Rent for Energy Professionals & Homeowners

In May of 2011, Cuesta College received a grant from the County of SLO to develop an Energy Auditing Tool Lending Library. The purpose of the Energy Tool Library is to provide affordable quality tools to contractors, energy professionals and homeowners to audit and retrofit homes in San Luis Obispo County. Below are some frequently asked questions.


Who can rent the tools?
Most tools are for contractors or energy professionals who hold a certification in BPI, HERS, RESNET or equivalent certification. Some tools are available to homeowners. (See ETL price sheet)


How can I get certified to rent tools?
Cuesta recently offered two BPI trainings in the winter of 10/11 and plans to offer more in the fall of 2011.


How long can you rent tools?
All tool rentals are for one week, extensions can be made upon request.


What incentives are there for home energy retrofits?
Currently there are incentives from Energy UpGrade California ranging from $1,000- $4,000 for whole home energy retrofits. For more information please see

What if I need a tool you don't have?
PG&E operates a very large Tool Lending Library in San Francisco with hundreds of tools. Go here to learn more:


Use the links below to print the needed forms:


Energy Tool Library Catalog Complete

Energy Tool Library Flyer

Energy Tool Library Policy & Borrower Application Form


Energy Tool Library Price Sheet


Energy Tool Library Tool Request Form

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Send your Energy Tool Library questions/comments/suggestions to:   Nanette Pina

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