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Youth & Family

The Senior Discount applies to those 62 years of age and older

Registration is required at least one week prior to class start date.
If registration minimums are not met, classes will cancel.

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Spring 2014


Natural A's

Any student can significantly enhance grades, self-confidence and chances for scholarships and college admissions--by performing academic skills in alignment with the brain’s natural patterns. This makes note taking, reading, studying, memorizing and test taking amazingly efficient. Also discover simple methods for understanding math and other subjects, optimizing focus and concentration, and preventing test anxiety. Students of all ages describe this class as “awesome” “necessary” and “easy” to understand. The instructor graduated at the top of his college class with a 4.0 GPA.
A $30 materials fee will be collected in class for booklet.

Instructor: Curtis Adney


Spring 2014

1 Sat., May 3, 2014; 9am-12pm

Course# YF0901.114; Fee: $37

SLO-Room 4760


What Were You born to Do?

You were born to make a unique contribution to humanity. Progressing toward this purpose brings joy and abundance. Straying from it causes stress and emptiness. To accomplish this, one of 33 Natural Talents is wired into your DNA. Elvis, Oprah and Einstein were just "doin" what came naturally. Applying your Natural Talent relentlessly will bring you everything you desire.

A $30 materials fee will be collected in class for booklet.

Instructor: Curtis Adney


Spring 2014

1 Sat., May 3, 2014; 1-5pm

Course# PDF0916.114; Fee: $37



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Past Youth and Family course offerings


Test Taking Secrets for Work and School (Ages 10-17)-

Those who test well EXCEL IN SCHOOL, get BETTER JOBS QUICKER, and GET PROMOTED FASTER. Discover NEW ways to excel on ALL tests—by focusing on key underlying principles that apply to all academic exams (from junior high to graduate school); all standardized tests (from the SAT, APs, and Exit Exam, to the BAR Exam); and any employment, entrance, and promotion exam. Learn how to prevent test anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and reason-your-way to the right answer. Discover the 3 biggest mistakes every test-taker makes—and how to correct them—NOW!

$30 material fee for comprehensive Workbook is payable to instructor.

Instructor: Curtis Adney


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